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OpenStack TC Nominations - Victoria

TC Nomination

Hello Everyone,

I have been a member of the TC for 2 terms now, and I am running again for another term on the TC.

I have been involved in OpenStack as a developer, operator, PTL, and TC member for a long time, and I think that I can continue to contribute to the community on the TC.

I worked as the technical lead for the System Operations team in Verizon Cloud Platform, where we ran 90+ OpenStack installs across the world, ranging from 3 compute micro regions where we needed edge style compute, to much larger footprints for core regions in the US. This gave me a unique viewpoint on how people use OpenStack for both small scale, and for large, real time mission critical telecommunications applications.

Further back in my career, I was part of a team that ran the DNSaaS service in HP Cloud (based on Designate of course), which combined with my current role in Azure, where I am looking at how people use both on prem and external clouds, gives me a good insight into the needs of a cloud provider.

My main focus over the last term has been trying to get a co-ordinated way for organizations to contribute to OpenStack - Graham's soap box at the Board face to face meetings has become a regular event. Thankfully, I think this has helped push this forward, and I know I have seen people getting involved in the projects I keep an eye on.

I have also been involved in the design discussions around Project Teapot which I think is a great way for OpenStack to help people scale and manage their data centers, while providing the services modern applications are starting to use. I firmly believe that something like Teapot is an important focus of development for OpenStack.

I think the new ideas repo is a fantastic idea and encourage people to put what ever they think is a good idea for OpenStack in there. I will definitely be putting up some of the ideas I have talked about over the years in there.

As a long time PTL of a project I know the pressures they can be under and can provide insight as we consider the future governance of the OpenStack project, and its sub projects.

This has given me a lot of historical knowledge and context to why some things within our community are the way they are, and as we record this to avoid needing something as unreliable as a human brain (rst is a lot better :) ) I feel I can contribute to the discussion.

Finally, I feel that over the years I have made it clear that I will speak out even if I know it will cause push back, and this has allowed me to receive frank and honest feedback from people in community who don't always wish to spend the mental energy, or pay the social tax of raising topics that can be controversial. I don't plan on changing this.

Lastly, I have really enjoyed working in this community, it has given me a lot both personally and professionally, and I feel that I can still pay that back. If you agree, please vote for me in the up coming elections, if not please ask me questions in the next week or so, but for everyone, please vote for whoever you think will be the best for OpenStack.

Thanks for taking the time to read this,

  • Graham


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