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OpenStack TC Nomination

TC Nomination

I would like to submit my candidacy for the Technical Committee for the upcoming election.

I have been contributing to OpenStack since the Havana cycle [1] mainly in Designate. I have also sporadically gotten involved with the TC, and its meetings since Designate applied for incubation all the way back in Atlanta.

I have been PTL for Designate for Mitaka, Newton, Ocata and the Queens cycle, and a core for a longer period. I was also PTL for the Global Load Balancing before it was an unfortunate early casualty of the recent reshuffling within sponsoring organizations in the community.

As part of previous projects, I was both a developer and a heavy user of OpenStack. As part of contributing to the Kubernetes OpenStack integration we ran into a lot of the problems that impact our users, and people who try to integrate with us.

I believe that we all ready have a great base structure in place to help OpenStack evolve, and part of that is too have a group of people from different companies, backgrounds, genders and cultures to drive the project in the Technical Committee.

I believe my experience working in a younger, smaller project within OpenStack is a benefit, along with the experience of working on software as an end user of OpenStack I can help us ensure the Technical Committee is mindful of the unique challenges these projects and users can face.

I have not traditionally been shy about broaching these topics in the past [2] [3] and [4], but I feel it is time I started follow through, and help guide the resolution for these questions, and I now have an employeer who is supportive of me spending more time in the community.

I do really like this community, and I want us to grow, expand and evolve the software we write, without changing what we stand for.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  • Graham Hayes (mugsie)


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