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Oh, what a place. I thought I was ready for the experience, but this city has to be visited to understand. From the 2 or 3 different metro systems that snake across the city, to the 9 story electronics stores, it is something else.

Living in a city that has 3 metro lines that don't actually connect it was a nice change to be able to get reliable public transport :).

Design Summit

This was a much more relaxed summit for Designate. We had done a huge amount of work in Vancouver, and we were nailing down details and doing cross project work.

We got a few major features discussed, and laid out our priorities for the next cycle.

We decided on the following:

  1. Nova / Neutron Integration

  2. Pool Scheduler

  3. Pool Configuration migration to database

  4. IXFR (Incremental Zone Transfer)

  5. ALIAS Record type (Allows for CNAME like records at the root of a DNS Zone)

  6. DNSSEC (this may drag on for a cycle or two)

Nova & Neutron Integration

This is progressing pretty well, and Miguel Lavalle has patches up for this. He, Kiall Mac Innes and Carl Baldwin demoed this in a session on the Thursday. If you are interested in the idea, it is definitely worth a watch here

Pool Scheduler

A vital piece of the pools re architecture that needs to be finished out. There is no great debate on what we need, and I have taken on the task of finishing this out.

Pool Configuration migration to database

Are current configuration file format is quite complex, and moving it to an API allows us to iterate on it much quicker, while reducing the complexity of the config file. I recently had to write an ansible play to write out this file, and it was not fun.

Kiall had a patch up, so we should be able to continue based on that.


There was quite a lot of discussion on how this will be implemented, both in the work session, and the 1/2 day session on the Friday. Tim Simmons has stepped up, to continue the work on this.


This is quite a sort after feature - but is quite complex to implement. The DNS RFCs explicitly ban this behavior, so we have to work the solution around them. Eric Larson has been doing quite a lot of work on this in Liberty, and is going to continue in Mitaka.


This is a feature that we have been looking at for a while, but we started to plan out our roadmap for it recently.

We (I) am allergic to storing private encryption keys in Designate, so we had a good conversation with Barbican about implementing a signing endpoint that we would post a hash to. This work is on me to now drive for Mitaka, so we can consume it in N.

There is some raw notes in the etherpad and I expect we will soon be seeing specs building out of them.


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