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Kosmos Mid Cycle


Kosmos Mid Cycle

We sat down in Seattle last week to plan out how we were going to kick start progess on Kosmos

(For those of you who don't know what Kosmos is - here is the overview on the wiki )

We decided on a few things, I managed to clarify my (admitedly weird and convaluted) thought process, and we started on the inital sets of patches.

It was a small group - some people were sick from the LBaaS / VPN / FW mid cycle the week before, but enough to start.

We covered the DB, the layout, and how we will interact with it. I showed our basic use of the olso_versionedobjects lib, and the basic pecan framework that was in place.

We have the basic design up on our specs repo here ( it is not publishing anywhere yet - I will fix that soon )

If anyone is interested in the project, give me a ping - be it for developing drivers, code, requirements or general interest. (But, really - if you want to write code, just jump in, or ping me for what the hot topics are)

In 2 weeks time I will be off the Designate Mid Cycle - a little closer to home this time - in Galway, Ireland.


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