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Equal Opportunities for all OpenStack Projects

A week or 2 later - where are we on fairness for all projects?

So, two weeks ago, I dropped a TC motion and a mailing list post and waited for the other foot to drop.

I was pleasantly surprised - no one started shouting at me - but by trying to not point fingers at individual teams I made the text too convoluted.

So, in an effort to clarify things, here is an overview of what has been said so far, both in the mailing list and the gerrit review itself.


... does this also include plugins within projects, like storage backends in cinder and hypervisor drivers in nova?

No - this was not clear enough. This change is aimed at projects that are points of significant cross project interaction. While, in the future there may come a point where Nova Compute Drivers are developed out of tree (though I doubt it), that is not happening today. As a result, there is no projects in the list of projects that would need to integrate with Nova.

Could you please clarify: do you advocate for a generic plugin interface for every project, or that each project should expose a plugin interface that allows plugin to behave as in-tree components? Because the latter is what happens with Tempest, and I see the former a bit complicated.

For every project that has cross project interaction - tempest is a good example.

For these projects, they should allow all projects in tree (like Nova, Neutron, Cinder etc are today), or they should have a plugin interface (like they currently do), but all projects must use it, and not use parts of tempest that are not exposed in that interface.

This would mean that tempest would move the nova, neutron, etc tests to use the plugin interface.

Now, that plugin could be kept in the tempest repo, and still maintained by the QA team, but should use the same interface as the other plugins that are not in that repository.

Of course, it is not just tempest - an incomplete list looks like:

  • Tempest

  • Devstack

  • Grende

  • Horizon

  • OpenStack Client

  • OpenStack SDK

  • Searchlight

  • Heat

  • Mistral

  • Celiometer

  • Rally

  • Documentation

And I am sure I have missed some obvious ones. (if you see a project missing let me know on the motion)

I think I disagree here. The root cause is being addressed: external tests can use the Tempest plugin interface, and use the API, which is being stabilized. The fact that the Tempest API is partially unstable is a temporary things, due to the origin of the project and the way the scope was redefined, but again it's temporary.

This seems to be the core of a lot of the disagreement - this is only temporary, it will all be fixed in the future, and it should stay this way.

Unfortunately the discrepancy between projects is not temporary. The specific problems I have highlighted in the thread for one of the projects is temporary, but I beleive the only long-term solution is to remove the difference between projects.

Before we start making lots of specific rules about how teams coordinate, I would like to understand the problem those rules are meant to solve, so thank you for providing that example. ... It's not clear yet whether there needs to be a new policy to change the existing intent, or if a discussion just hasn't happened, or if someone simply needs to edit some code.

Unfortunately there is a big push back on editing code to help plugins from some of the projects. Again, having the differing access between projects will continue to exacerbate the problem.

"Change the name of the resolution"

—(Paraphrase from a few people)

That was done in the last patchset. I think the Level Playing Field title bounced around my head from the other resolution that was titled Level Playing Field. It may have been confusing alright.

Other Areas

I feel like I have been picking on tempest a little too much, it just captures the current issues perfectly, and a large number of the community have some knowledge of it, and how it works.

There is other areas across OpenStack the need attention as well:


Horizon privileged projects have access to much more panels than plugins (service status, quotas, overviews etc). Plugins have to rely on tarballs of horizon

OpenStack Client

OpenStack CLI privileged projects have access to more commands, as plugins cannot hook in to them (e.g. quotas)


Plugins may or may not have tempest tests ran (I think that patch merged), they have to use parts of tempest I was told explicitly plugins should not use to get the tests to run at that point.


We can now add install guides and hook into the API Reference, and API guides. This is great - and I am really happy about it. We still have issues trying to integrate with other areas in docs, and most non docs privileged projects end up with massive amounts of users docs in<project> , which is not ideal.


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